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We pride ourselves on our ability to plan your office space for your future success as a cohesive team in an environment that produces high productivity. Talk to our experts about an office space design plan.

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Comprehensive Office Space Planning

Maximising the productive potential of your office, AOFS provides space planning services for corporate, healthcare and educational facilities across Melbourne.

AOFS have helped to transform many types of workspaces, optimising the way teams interact by tailoring the space to their specific needs. When planning your office layout, we define the various zones with you to determine the best way to arrange the space. Some areas of your office building may best serve as an open plan, while others will require more privacy and less noise such as meeting rooms and private cubicles.

Every workplace is different, which is why we don’t do a “one size fits all” approach. We work with you to discover how to best facilitate productive collaboration within and between each department of your operations. You will be provided with a full, realistic 3D virtual office walk-through of the designed layout so that you can experience the new workplace environment for yourself before making a commitment.

Once you are happy with the floor plan, our team can also go to work to carry out the transformation, procuring the agreed-upon furniture and fittings, through to the fit out and furniture installation.

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Our Office Design Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is that our planning process for your work environment will be in line with your operational goals, and will assist with harmonising the way your staff interact with each other and their work environment. We love transforming office spaces with our thoughtful interior designs and sharing our passion and attention to detail with our clients.

Office Space Planning Process

To create the optimal synthesis between your staff and their working environment, AOFS brings clarity and transparency to the office space planning process. Starting with a thorough consultation process for insights into the workings of your operations as well as the workplace culture you wish to foster and your goals. The interior design team then goes to work drawing up the plans for your approval, including a 3D virtual tour. Our office space planners and designers can take care of all the details, ensuring a smooth transition to the new layout.

Team Kids: Commercial Office Fitout

Explore how AOFS transformed Team Kids commercial space with a beautiful office fitout.

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Frequently Asked Office Fitout Questions

First time fitting out your office? Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about office space planning and design. From where to begin to how to create the right blend of style and efficiency, browse through some key questions below.

Can I see what my office will look like beforehand?

Absolutely. Using our impressive 3D visualisation software, our office fitout team can provide you with videographer and realistic photographs of what your office space will look like once complete. This forms part of our mandatory process to ensure that you are completely happy before we begin.

How much does office space planning cost?

Truthfully, it depends. There are many variables to consider when planning an office fitout. The four primary factors to consider are the style and furniture cost, the amount of construction work required, the current safety of your building and economies of scale. When working with our team, we will ensure that all costs are transparent and work with you to deliver your office fitout; on time and on budget.

How many changes can I make to your original office design?

During the course of finalising the design and layout of your office, it’s expected that there will need to be multiple adjustments made to the proposed design as more people get involved and have their say. Our design service is completely complimentary and there are no limits to the number of changes you can make. We understand that fitting out your office is a significant investment so it’s well worth taking the time to get it right.

Do you just do office planning or can you provide more?

We can provide everything you need to facilitate the transformation of your office space. Beyond the planning of your space, we offer furniture and fittings procurement through to fitout and installation, leaving no mess behind. We even provide logistical support and office relocation services.

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