Office Furniture Maintenance and Repair Services.

Extend the life of your office furniture with a regularly scheduled maintenance service, or get broken items repaired by the Melbourne-based professionals.

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Office Furniture Maintenance Services Melbourne

Quality furniture should last a long time. It can if you invest in keeping it all in great condition with the help of our office furniture maintenance crew. Regular maintenance of the furniture in your office space will keep it safe, healthy and functional while slowing down the furniture’s rate of degradation over time. Regular checks on furniture items allow our team to find opportunities to improve the longevity and utility of each item of furniture in your office, such as tightening of fastenings, lubrication of moving parts, cleaning surfaces and replacing worn or damaged components.

Office Furniture Repairs

Any broken or damaged furniture can also be repaired by AOFS. We offer furniture repair services for offices throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area of Victoria. Most types of damaged furniture can be repaired within reason, should spare parts be available and the cost justifiable when weighed up against buying a replacement item. Any enquiries for furniture repair quotes are welcome. 

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Our Office Furniture Maintenance Guarantee to You

AOFS guarantees that our maintenance and repair team will not compromise on safety. No shortcuts will be taken when inspecting or performing maintenance or repairs on your office furniture. The quality of workmanship is among the best in the industry and we are relied upon by health and education facilities, as well as corporate offices across Melbourne for reliable maintenance of their furniture. You will have courteous and professional interactions with our team and deliver results to your highest expectations.

Caring for Your Office Furniture

Buying new office furniture too often can become very expensive. A lot of the time, if you weigh up the cost of replacing cheap furniture every couple of years, against arranging a maintenance plan for an office that has medium to high-end quality furniture. An office furniture maintenance plan not only saves you money on replacements over time, but you’ll also know that your office furniture doesn’t pose a health and safety risk to you and your team.

Beyond maintenance and repairs, AOFS offer complete office fit out solutions from space planning through to installation. Get in touch with a consultant to help you with any of your office furniture needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Office Furniture Maintenance and Repair

Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about office furniture repairs and maintenance we receive about office space planning and design. From where to begin to how to create the right blend of style and efficiency, browse through some key questions below.

What Are Your Rates?

The maintenance and repairs fees depend on a few factors:

Number of furniture items that need to be maintained

The value of spare parts for your particular items

Length of contract

In the case of repairs, the extent of the damage

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Is there an upper or lower limit on the number of items you can maintain?

No, we’re willing to discuss a maintenance plan with you whether you are a small or large business.

I have several office locations, can you help?

If your locations are all based in Melbourne, we can assist you.

What Kind of Furniture Can You Repair and Maintain?

Just office furniture. We don’t maintain or repair electricals, plumbing or tuning of specialist equipment, only the types of furniture you would expect to see in an office such as tables, desks, chairs, shelving and cabinets.

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