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The perfect solution to your short-term needs, office furniture hire offers flexibility for a changing workplace.

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Office Furniture Hire in Melbourne

AOFS offers a complete range of office furniture hire options to Melbourne based businesses, healthcare and educational facilities. If you need to hire office chairs, tables, workstations, cabinets, counters at short notice as a temporary or long term furniture solution, AOFS can arrange supply, delivery, and installation when and where it is required within the Melbourne metropolitan area and surrounding townships. Our office furniture experts can assist you in finding the most appropriate furniture to hire for your specific situation with useful and friendly advice. 

Office furniture is available for rent on a minimum term of 1 week, anywhere up to 2 years. Most furniture hires are clients looking for a short-term solution while an office fit-out is underway, or as part of an office relocation plan. Whatever your reason for needing to rent office furniture, AOFS is sure to be able to source the right solution for your situation.

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Our Office Furniture Hire Guarantee to You

AOFS guarantees to you that you will receive a high level of professional service, as well as safe, quality furniture every time you engage with our representatives. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, along with making effective use of your time, aiming for a seamless experience.  Being focused on providing a positive customer experience, we also aim to make sure your organisation is never found short of the appropriate furniture for your work environment.

Everything You Need for a Changing Office Environment

Recent events have certainly shaken up the office culture in Melbourne with many organisations facing rapidly changing circumstances. Renting office furniture provides flexibility in uncertain times where your requirements can quickly change. On the other hand, a short-term furniture lease can be handy to facilitate a speedy expansion of the use of your empty office space, bringing it instant functionality. If you are relocating your organisation to a new location and want to use your existing furniture at the new space, hiring what you need at the old premises while the new office is being prepared will reduce productivity down-time.

Team Kids: Commercial Office Fitout

Explore how AOFS transformed Team Kids commercial space with a beautiful office fitout.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Office Furniture Hire

First time hiring furniture? Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about office space planning and design. From where to begin to how to create the right blend of style and efficiency, browse through some key questions below.

What Are Your Rates?

The furniture hire rates depend on many factors:

We have several suppliers with varying rates

  • Availability may affect the rates
  • It is cheaper overall to rent a large package than at the individual item level
  • Rental fees do not include delivery or installation

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Do you offer Delivery?

Yes we do! AOFS have logistics experts on the team who will coordinate with you to receive delivery of the furniture exactly when it is needed.

What if the furniture is faulty?

The furniture we hire to clients is checked by our source before being offered for hire. In the unlikely event that an item was faulty upon delivery, we will send a representative to the site to inspect it, repair onsite if possible, or arrange a replacement.

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