Austin Health – Vaccination Hub

Client: Austin Health

Project completed: October 2021

Scope: Sourcing, supply and installation of furniture and fittings.


AOFS were involved in supplying and installing COVID-19 Vaccination hub with Austin Health.

As seen below, AOFS provided spaces that consisted of medical individual injection areas, a waiting room, and reception spaces that completed the room to meet the standards of a Vaccination Hub site for the Coronavirus Vaccines. Each space was divided by Partitions and large walkways between each separated area.

AOFS had to consider where the furniture was to be placed as the room was surrounded by a large amount of light / window sources and considering the social distancing limit of 1.5m or more. With the building site containing high ceilings, this was easy to consider the safety and consideration of safe spaces when vaccinating patients and maintaining COVID-19 guidelines.


The team appreciated working with Austin Health for this large Medical Fitout project.




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October 7, 2021