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5 Office Fit Out Trends We’re Loving In 2022


In 2022, we’ve seen a change in office fit out trends. No longer will the one size fits all approach work for more businesses, we’ve seen a shift towards individualism and prioritising comfort. So, how has this been reflected in the year’s most popular trends? Read on to find out.

1. Sustainable fit outs

In the last several years, we’ve seen an increased interest in sustainability in all walks of life. Sustainable awareness has grown from our wardrobe to our home, and now finally, our office interior design. Companies have been focused on office furniture that prioritises the environment by preserving its resources. The way that this can be done is by using locally sourced products. It can also be achieved by utilising fixtures and various equipment pieces that do not emit toxic materials.

2. Custom tech fit outs

An office fit out trend that is definitely making its case this year is the rise of smart technology in the workplace. This is partially due to our growing reliance on technology, but has likely grown in popularity due to the work-from-home setups over the last few years. During this period, technology was such a major factor in successful day-to-day work This allowed us to stay connected, even when working remotely. This involves planning an office space that has smart hubs installed throughout the space in order to enhance collaboration.

However, these integrated technology focused workspaces extend beyond just hubs. We’ve seen custom tech fit-out trends for the office that showcase a plethora of different functions, such as the installation of state-of-the-art video conferencing technology. This makes the jump from in-office work to remote work seamless and ensures no more issues arise from flexible working arrangements.

3. Neurodiverse spaces

Have you ever considered interior design for neurodiversity? In 2022 we have seen offices rid themselves of the one size fits all approach in order to instead cater to a more individualised design. Recently, there has been a rise of the neurodiverse office fit out. But, what exactly does this office furniture trend mean? For neurodiverse employees, something like lighting can be a major issue. Bright and flickering lighting can cause distraction and just be generally frustrating. So we’ve seen fit outs that now are leaning towards spaces with large windows, or faux skylights. These bring in more natural light, or at least the illusion of it, so that the use of unnecessary unnatural lighting is largely redundant and scaled back considerably.

But it’s not just lighting, office furniture installation is changing too. Instead of the typical office furniture, we’re seeing a switch to more home-like furniture, with tactile surfaces, that give employees more comfort. We’re also seeing a switch up in how furniture is arranged, as not everybody works well in the same way. With some office designs resembling that of a home, with beanbags and couches, and others having a more typical office environment set-up.

4. Biophilic design

Not only are we creating office spaces that are more catered to individuals, but we’re also creating office environments that bring the outside world to us. Biophilic design is often thought to be simply an office fit out trend that is about adding a few plants and vines to the space. However, its underlying principle is to make the workspace a more natural and comfortable environment to work within. So, what does this design actually entail? Much like the neurodiverse design, there has been more of an emphasis placed on natural lighting. This has a huge correlation with positive mental wellbeing.

Outdoor areas are also being utilised more. Furniture installation services are being used to create comfortable outdoor workspaces for employees. This is so employees can achieve maximum output without sacrificing comfort and their own mental health. There has also been a switch to using more natural materials like wood and stone to mimic the outdoor environment. By doing so, workplaces are creating a comfortable and relaxing place for all.

5. Flexible working spaces

We all love a fresh interior change, something to spice up the workspace we spend our days in. But, with a traditional office fit out, after a while, it can begin to feel dull and simple. This is why in 2022, the flexible workspace office fit out trend has become so popular. This includes furniture that is easy to move around in order to create a workspace that is easily switched up depending on the needs of the day. This could mean that one day a board room becomes an office. The next day, an office becomes a brainstorming space. The overall outcome of this office design is that the space is functional, flexible and feels inviting to all those that work within it.

Office fit out trends summarised

As we’ve seen, workplaces are now putting their employees first in more than one way. Offices are creating comfortable, technologically innovative, and interesting designs in order for their workers to spend their 9-5 in comfort. If there is one thing 2022 trends show, it’s an increased interest in individuality, mental wellbeing, and adaptation to change.

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