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Our founders, Laurence and Jaden created AOFS because they saw a lack of office fit outs in Melbourne with appropriate furniture for the new wave of dynamic learning environments and because what was available, was typically imported from overseas at exorbitant prices. Backed up by a business mentor, they discovered many commercial fit-outs suffered from this plight and were resolved to change it. Laurence, with a background as an electrician, brings a reliable, logic-based approach to determining and managing customer needs. Jaden’s first gig was as a project/logistics coordinator for a national furniture distributor. Despite his youthful appearance, he has accumulated a lifetime of experience in furniture, having practically grown up around desks and chairs.

Corporate Office Fit Outs

Today’s corporate office fit outs are designed with user experience as one of the key drivers behind the design and function of the space. The constant development of new technology has meant traditional style fitouts are being replaced with new-age multi-zone spaces that utilise technology as an integral part of the operation of the workplace. Having seen over a decade of change in the industry, the team at AOFS are well-equipped with the knowledge of what ‘works’ and have embraced the digital age, providing solutions to suit the unique requirements of each individual organisation.

Educational Learning Environment Fit Outs

The majority of classrooms in use today were built as traditional “pulpit” style passive learning settings. But higher education in Australia has changed. Tertiary institutions are adapting to Generation Z and reconsidering how furniture, technology and space can be better integrated for a greater impact on teaching & learning. AOFS is on the ground floor of this revolution, with a young, but experienced team who ‘get’ this sea-change, and are helping to reshape Australia’s future, one classroom fit out at a time.

Healthcare/Medical Clinic Fit Outs

The medical fit outs of our healthcare workers are rapidly changing as the need for more specialised departments and the level of care for our vulnerable grows. We understand that there are often specialised requirements for these areas, and having established a network of local manufacturers and wholesalers to support a wide range of product and service offerings, AOFS have a proven ability to provide solutions that create an environment where privacy is upheld and collaboration and teamwork are fostered.


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